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Meeting the customer’s needs from design to delivery in a smooth flow; by thorough quality management and making high customer satisfaction products

Nichiden’s Technology

We at Nichiden specialize in fluid control; water, air, gas, oil, etc. Meeting the customer’s needs from design to delivery, and making high customer satisfaction products by thorough quality management in the consideration of the environment is our priority. Our mission is to develop products to help the society and to make a more convenient and abundant future.

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

The procreation of our products comes from our customers’ needs. The needs of our customers are wide in variety, therefore 80% of our products are not included in our product catalog.
In regards to the customers’ needs, we create a smooth system of design, development, manufacture, and delivery. We are always open to any forms of request.

Environment and Quality Policy

Our commitment to our customers comes first, and we are devoted to delivering high quality products that fulfill the requirements of each and every customer. Our core commitment to delivering high quality products and unparalleled customer service has cemented our name as a dependable and trusted supplier in the industry. In addition to compliance with laws and regulations, we aim to be a company that can be environmentally friendly, and contribute to society by the prevention of pollution. In order to achieve this, we continuously improve the environment of our workplace and the quality of our management systems.

Business: Various Automatic Equipment Manufacturing and Sales.

1. Air conditioning for stores and office, package air conditioners for other business.
2. Air conditioning for building, housing, and factory.
3. Supermarket and general store showcase refrigerator.
4. Beverage vending machine.
5. Large cold storage warehouse, refrigerated warehouse, plant, land and maritime container.
6. Dental, barber/salon chair, and surgical table.
7. Automatic hydraulic lifting.
8. Automotive fuel control
9. Gas station (refueling, car wash, etc).
10. Water supply and heating installed in high-rise and general residential.
11. Water supply and drainage automatic control for building, apartment, factory, and general public facilities.
12. Hot water supply for solar system, water supply, and drainage.
13. Humidifier
14. Water heating device (Gas)
15. Environmental greening
16. Kitchen appliance/equipment
17. Food machinery
18. Fuel cell
19. Production of automatic control equipment, sales, and technical services.

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We receive special orders that are not shown in our product catalog. If you have any inquiries, please contact us through the 'contact us' link.

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