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Nichiden’s products plays an important role in many different fields.

Nichiden’s Product Use

The products we produce have played an important role in society, and has recently expanded from familiar fields such as package air conditioning control systems and refrigeration showcase, to automobile refueling equipment and hydraulic pressure control, and also the environment and energy fields.

Products for Building Air Conditioner


We offer a variety of valves for equipment controlling the refrigerant of building air conditioner/large refrigeration, cold/hot water corresponding to the central air-conditioner, and equipment for controlling steam.

  • -For Package Air Conditioner

Products for Transport Refrigeration


Our valves are used in refrigerator trucks transporting food to convenient stores, supermarkets, etc.

  • -For Shipping Container Refrigeration

Products for Industrial Refrigeration


Our valves are used in refrigeration control of cold storage warehouses located at the harbor, and can deal with ammonia refrigerants in sub-zero range.

  • -For Refrigerated Warehouse/Marine Container

Products for Small Refrigeration


Our products are also used in refrigerated showcases installed in supermarkets and convenience stores.

  • -Showcase

Products for Fuel


The global need for natural gas in the automotive field is increasing, and there is a growing need for natural gas in the automotive field. Our valves have gotten a high reputation in this field.

  • -For Automotive Fuel Control (CNG, LPG, Hydrogenous)

For industrial machinery


Our products have been widely used from factories with large scale facilities, to air condition humidifier/water heater control.

  • -For Automatic Water Supply and Drainage Control
  • -For Humidifier

Products for Beauty Salon/Medical Chair


Our block valves are used in movable chairs that are used in barbers, salons, and also in the dentistry field.

  • -For Movable Parts Cylinder Control

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For Customize Products

We receive special orders that are not shown in our product catalog. If you have any inquiries, please contact us through the ‘contact us’ link.

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